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World Assemblies


Eighth World Assembly, Kyoto, Japan, August 2006

Every five years, Religions for Peace gathers hundreds of leaders representing the world’s great religions for meetings that offer a forum for sharing ideas and concerns about international affairs as well as addressing political and social issues. Since the first World Assembly in October 1970, Religions for Peace has convened Assemblies on five continents. In August, the Eighth World Assembly convened in Kyoto, Japan, with the theme, “Confronting Violence and Advancing Shared Security.”

Attendees leave the Assemblies with a renewed commitment to multi-religious dialogue and cooperation, and they leave Religions for Peace with an agenda for action that guides its activities for the next five years. That agenda is formalized in the Declaration that is adopted at the Assembly - a statement of principles that reflects the dedication of religious communities worldwide to peaceful co-existence and to addressing the challenges shared by all humankind.