A Guide for Building Women of Faith Networks

A Guide for Building Women of Faith Networks

As the world struggles with war, poverty and protecting our earth, the commitment of women of faith is critically important. Women of faith are on the front lines of these challenges. They know what is necessary to help us heal our communities and families. Now more than ever, our world needs the wisdom and leadership of women of faith. This is all the more so given the pervasive character of gender inequalities.

Religions for Peace recognizes that religious women around the world have enormous capacities for leadership and effective action in all areas of human development. Since the establishment of Religions for Peace in 1970, women of faith from diverse faith backgrounds have been contributing their tremendous courage, passion and vision to its overall mission—to transform conflict, end poverty and protect the earth.

This toolkit is designed to support women of faith to build, equip and grow powerful and effective multi-religious networks. It includes essential information about the mission of Religions for Peace, and it provides practical tools for collaborating with existing Women of Faith Networks in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and Latin America and the Caribbean. It is a manual for empowering women to join the Religions for Peace Global Women of Faith Network in its crucial work for peace.

Religions for Peace is committed to building the capacity of women of faith to assume increasingly visible leadership roles in transforming conflict, promoting peace and advancing just and harmonious societies. By collaborating across faith lines, women can and will make change for both their individual communities and our deeply interconnected global human family.

Thank you for your hard work and commitment to peace, and welcome to the Religions for Peace family.